How to Spruce Up the Outdoors to Host and Entertain

Our vision at Beruru is driven by the strong penchant for providing our patrons with an experience of living that transcends the indoors. We take to the great outdoors for inspiration and all that we curate is to satiate the vision of the alfresco enthusiast! 

As a garden reserve, we focus on sharing a spectrum of creations that can add that element of flair with our home garden range to your outdoor spaces — patios, backyards, verandahs, balconies, gardens, and porches. 

Gatherings in the light of the Pandemic have assumed a newfound persona in our homes. We’re sharing with you a multitude of products that can spruce up your outdoor spaces while you don the cape of the perfect host!


The Planter Panache

Layer your outdoor spaces with a range of planters that can imbue the landscape with a unique character and personality. Colour and texture are sure shot ways of achieving this, and they combine seamlessly in our range of Ceramic Planters. The Altair Urn Planter and Canopus Planter pose as statement additions and exude timelessness with their speckled patina-finished surfaces.


Unleash the Greens

Plants are one of the simplest, most affordable, and vibrant forms of greens that can enliven any space. Generously introduce a myriad of plants in your outdoor spaces, endowing them with a new lease of life! At Beruru, we house a nursery teeming with choices of greens that are perfect for your homes all year round. Get creative and curate green nooks, vegetable patches, succulent gardens, and softscapes of your choice in the outdoor spaces available. 


Lifestyle Outdoors

Whether it is a barbeque dinner on a crisp winter evening, game night with friends or an outdoor celebration, furniture used in external environments need to meld comfort with functionality. The Rustic Wood Table is one of our top picks, attributed to its versatility! Made from reclaimed railway wood, this table can be incorporated into your outdoor spaces as an idyllic coffee or accent table. The raw texture of the wood adds a sense of natural rootedness to any milieu. 



In Nature’s Company 

The Koyal Birdbath  is the perfect whimsical addition to the outdoors. Cast in iron, this sculptural birdbath provides our feathered companions much needed refuge during the warmer summer months. Aside from its function, birdbaths lend alfresco spaces an effortless old-world charm! 



Illuminate the Evenings

Our range of handwoven cane pendants is a must-have for your dreamy outdoor nooks! The Big Round Lamp conjures a fleeting interplay of light and shadow when illuminated. Immersed in an earthy range of hues, these lights can be used as a statement fixture or clustered over a focal space like outdoor dining areas, lounging corners, or to accentuate a decorative/water feature. 



Whimsical Glimmers 

Lanterns are an ingenious way of introducing mood lighting to spaces outdoors. They daintily illuminate corners with a delicate light, creating a transportive ambience! Select our Tower Lantern that is a harmonious blend of metal and glass which bathes spaces in a rustic charm. Dot your spaces with a bunch of these lanterns in a suspended manner or group a few of them in accent corners. These lanterns can be paired with our range of LED Candles which are sure to add an unassuming elegance to your spaces.



With the outdoors now steadily becoming our sanctuaries for us to spend time with loved ones, there is a pronounced need to visualise them as habitable extensions of our homes. Go on and create a space that is fit for recreation, unwinding, and gathering in the company of loved ones with our inventory of bespoke products!