Hues of Nature

Colour comes alive in all its glory as spring seems to pass on the baton to summer. The transitioning season beckons one outside, nudging at the notion of spending time outdoors while the sun is out! Beruru shares with its patrons a trove of selected décor, furniture, and lighting inspiration that will make time spent in nature one to cherish.

We are placing our focus on the overarching prevalence of sprightly colours, textures, and patterns that explore diverse materiality this summer. Read on to find what’s topping our seasonal choices that revel in the myriad hues of nature! 

Seated Amidst the Greens  

Nothing epitomises the experience of verdant outdoors like a comfortable and rather timeless wooden bench. With nostalgia and a feel-good factor in tow, the Pinot Wooden Bench boasts of its ornamental presence, attributed to its intricate detailing. The stunning distressed mango wood bench adds a rustic allure to outdoor nooks, patios, and quaint gardens.


Shaded In Majesty   

Reminiscing alfresco picnics and promenading in the days of yore, the Block Printed Umbrella reaps inspiration from the past with a modern outlook. Ideal for hosting a meal outdoors, the voluminous shade of the umbrella’s canopy makes for a memorable experience with loved ones. The block printed umbrella’s body is laden with tropical and floral-inspired motifs in vivid hues, creating an artisanal and functional object.



Earthen Roots

Sculpted from timeless and enduring terracotta, the Bottle Terra Pot reimagines the humble material in a neoteric light! The rather ethnic identity of the pot is reconceived as an ornamental planter with a minimalist nuance. The dash of colour complements the dominant greens of the outdoors, creating focal vignettes in every nook it makes a cameo in.




Latticed Light

Born from the ingenuity of bamboo, the Opium Bamboo Pendant Lamp is a homage to handcrafted finesse and accents of vibrant summer-inspired colours. When illuminated, the light travels intriguingly via the latticed body of the lamp, casting morphing shadow-play. These lamps make for statement additions in outdoor nooks or as bonny clustered installations by washing their surroundings with warm and diffused illumination.




Dining in Summer’s Splendour

The season’s colours are sure to look majestic as they make a debut across tablescapes when dining outdoors! 

Give your beverages and their presentation an extra edge with the Cobalt Blue Borosil Glass. Simplicity at its effortless best, these glasses meld a striking summerish blue hue with a minimalist design. Your glassware should be as enticing as your delicacies, and this range makes for a charming addition to your gatherings! 

Explore the sustainable and eco-friendly inclusion of reusable Bamboo Straws. Perfect to sip on your summer beverages, cocktails, and punches, the bamboo straws are odourless, devoid of taste, and easily recyclable.



Indulge in the fleeting goodness of the summer months and their inherent beauty as you spend time outdoors. One learns that the spectrum of colours is best represented and experienced through nature. Beruru incessantly looks forward to distilling that sentiment in our offerings that find their rightful homes in your spaces!