Outdoor Decor Trend Predictions for 2022

The outdoors and indoors are intrinsically linked and not exclusive of one another. With urban habitation becoming a prevailing reality for most individuals, even a few moments of alfresco living need to be cherished and savoured!  

With the new year having graced us, we deem it is the perfect time to welcome design additions to our spaces both indoors and outdoors. We’re sharing with you our top outdoor decor trend predictions and the latest decorating trends in tandem with in-house products to spruce up spaces inside and outside. 

Read on and select the persona and overarching design theme that will rule the roost for your celebrated spaces this year! 

The Minimalist’s Route  

Less is always more when one is dabbling in the sphere of minimalism across the disciplines of design. The FRP Planters in white embody minimalist design principles with grace. These planters bear clean, crisp, and modern curved silhouettes that have been paired with a textured finish. Available in 3 sizes, these planters grant the outdoors a clutter-free demeanour while contrasting the greenery stunningly.


The Victorian Allure   

Summon forth the old-world charm of a bygone era and transform your outdoor patios, yards, and gardens into a timeless oasis of sorts! The Victorian Cast Iron Chair introduces the desired degree of intricate ornamentation into the verdant outdoors while celebrating the raw and untainted form of its materiality. Bathed in a warm brown hue attributed to the iron, the chair balances a vintage aesthetic with robustness in equal doses.


Rooted in Nature   

Explore a range of versatile objects and bespoke lighting options, created from natural fibres and raw material with Water Hyacinth fibre and Cane. Our range of Water Hyacinth fibre products can be introduced in spaces in the form of baskets, trays, storage, and planters. The dual-toned Cylindrical Cane Lamp daintily illuminates outdoor and indoor spaces alike with its warm play of light and textured woven structure. These products make for popular additions in the arena of sustainable and modern outdoor decor options. 



Pair it with Pastels  

Make every meal outdoors a brighter affair with our range of Ceramic Tableware that hosts delectable pastel shades ranging peach, teal, yellow, lilac, and whites. These soft hues upon the crockery enliven the tablescape and truly allow the served delicacies to be presented with panache while adding a whiff of playfulness. A perfect pick for morning breakfasts, noon brunches, and dreamy dinners outdoors!




The Inside and Outside Equation   

Blur away the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors while welcoming the greenery inside with zest! The Ares Planter makes for an idyllic choice when it comes to introducing focal planters within spaces. Its metallic structure bears a sculptural presence with its sweeping curved form that can host your indoor greenery. Available in 2 sizes, these planters can be clustered to create a green nook that is contemporary and one that portrays a play of heights. 


Let this be a year that your outdoor spaces become a true extension of your lives indoors. Gravitate towards a design style that resonates with the ethos of your home while lending the outside a personality of its own; indulge in the trends while revelling in the joy of the great outdoors!