The Natural Route

In a time where climate change dominates world news & the threat of environmental distress is omnipresent, we bring to you a sustainable material palette for your home. We believe that the smallest of changes can bring about a great impact in the long haul. This monsoon while we’re all cozied up in our homes, why don’t we show you how you can introduce chic yet sustainable elements into the design palette of your abode!

Eco-friendly pieces of furniture, lighting & artefacts are now widely available across the market & we assure you that you can load up on style without a compromise on quality. Naturally sourced materials add a stark sense of identity to any space as they bring with them their unique set of colors, textures & interestingly layer your space! Recycled Wood, Clay, Bamboo & Cane are some of our chart-toppers that can be shaped into a plethora of products that bring that natural goodness to your space while staying true to your personal style.

We’ve combed through our inventory to bring to you a fine mood board of décor, furniture & lighting elements that are sure to get you excited about amping up on the sustainable styling scale. Read on to explore pieces & ideas that can find a place in any part of your home. Freshening up your living room, bedroom, reading nook or even a sit-out? We’ve got you covered! 

The Sleeper Wood Console Table harnesses the absolute pros of upcycled wood. The table has a naturally aged & weathered aesthetic that gives it an old-world charm. It’s the perfect dose of umber chicness in a space. Ideal for a living area, entryway, or even in the bedroom; the neutral palette of this piece makes it a versatile fit. 

The Sinuous Cane Recliner is all things bohemian & relaxed. The curved form of the chair is perfect for unwinding in & catching up on a good read! The shape is fun & adds to the quirkiness of a space it’s introduced into. A great alternative if you want to break away from the monotony of linearity & if you want to make sure your space exudes a laid-back vibe.

The Albert Armchair is another testament to great craftsmanship created using cane wickerwork in combination with wood. The chair has a comfy upholstered seat & an artistically weaved backrest that add panache to any niche. Lounging on this chair on a gloomy rainy afternoon sounds pure tempting now doesn’t it?


Moving onto lights & décor, we like to visualize them as the jewellery your room adorns, elements that add those whimsical final touches! The right mix of lighting & décor accents can spruce up the visual palette of a space by leaps & bounds. 

The Bamboo Pendant Lights bring with them a soft glow & artisanal finesse that make corners inviting. The material exhibits great versatility & can be sculpted into a variety of forms to suit various lighting needs. Available in an array of sizes, we’re sure you’ll find your perfect bamboo match!


Our range of dainty & playful Clay Wind Chimes add that free-spirited persona to any corner! A collection of moulded clay chimes are strung together to give spaces an earthy tone while keeping the look simple & perky. These are sure to add magic to your balconies, window seats, kids’ rooms or just anywhere you’d like to add a touch of pretty.

The Orange Cycle is our take on quirky meets functional design that adds that pop of color to your space. The piece has been created by upcycling parts of an old cycle & functions as a bar unit. The design of the piece provisions for efficient storage of glasses & bottles. The bar unit is shelved with a sturdy wooden table surface to serve drinks from. 

Now, who doesn’t enjoy some alluring additions to the spaces we inhabit? To add to it, we can achieve our styling goals while being sensitive to the environment. It’s a victory for everyone! So, the next time you’re planning on getting some fresh items for your homes, pause & ask yourself if those items can be curated in a sustainable & eco-friendly palette. It’s great for your décor style, it’s also great for the planet!

Keep it clean, green & oh so creative!