Welcoming Spring Home with Beruru

All that the eye perceives and all that the senses celebrate seems brighter and livelier as the spirit of Spring descends upon every part of the country. March heralds the season of harvest, growth, and vivid colours more alive than ever — our homes shall be no strangers to the joy and renewed zest of the season!

We’ve put together a curated listicle of elements and objects that spell Spring, enabling you to get your spaces indoors and outdoors all geared up to welcome it in all its glory! So, let the thresholds amidst the inside and outside blur, and let the season of new beginnings be ever so present in your homes with Beruru.

Snug Comfort Epitomised   

A patio, lush backyard, airy verandah, or a quaint garden; each of these alfresco spaces are made inviting with just the right seating options that make one’s experience outdoors enjoyable! The Emerald Two-Seater Sofa is a sleek furniture choice composed of synthetic wicker and sumptuously upholstered deep green cushions. Perfect for the outdoors, this delectable sofa is a true-blue muse as you spend time in nature. 

Evocative Prints    

Nothing says Spring like the eternal prints illustrating delicate botanicals and scenes from nature, making the flora and fauna its protagonists. Explore our newest range of Birds of India and Botanicals Cushion Covers that are adorned in sprightly hues, pastels, and vibrant prints that usher in the sentiment of the season! These printed cushion covers make for great accent addition in focal seating nooks both indoors and outdoors, complementing solid monotone and textured linen with flair. 


An Alfresco Picnic    

A dreamy Sunday family brunch or high tea with friends on a pleasant evening, the Seaside Basket Bag invokes nostalgia of simpler and carefree times! This handwoven basket makes for a petite and functional companion when spending time outdoors, carrying all your essentials with effortless elegance while underscoring a rooted identity.

Spring-Doused Tableware   

The Azure Serving Bowl signals the carefree and colour-inspired spirit of the season, uniting the umber warmth of mango wood with an enamelled indigo blue hue that celebrates a symmetric tesselation of patterns. An easy-breezy and artisanal addition to your mealtimes this Spring! 

Delectable Delicacies on the Grill    

The perfect barbeque experience is almost synonymous with being outside and revelling in the allure of the pleasant weather. The range of Weber Grills and related Accessories available at Beruru ensure that you find your quintessential griller match! With a versatile curation of models ranging from electric, charcoal, gas, and portable grills, cooking outdoors with loved ones has never been a more enjoyable experience!

The Call of the Season     

What can be more emblematic of Spring than the language of timeless flowers and lush plants? At Beruru, we’ve melded the two offerings into our in-house experience in the form of premium floral selections by Ohana Fine Flowers and myriad varieties of plants by Indo American Hybrid Seeds

The selection of fine flowers and curated bouquets by Ohana can dot your nooks, dining tablescapes, and coffee tables with the cheerful flair of the season! In addition, the variety of plants by Indo American Hybrid Seeds can be relied upon to create a green oasis in your urban dwellings, ranging from exotic and indigenous seasonally flowering and perennial greens.


Reading into Spring    

What better way to welcome Spring than to surrender to its majestic persona with feel-good reading? Our season-favourite seems to be The Flower Expert by Fleur McHarg, wherein the renowned Floral Designer shares her priceless insight on understanding flowers and how to best showcase them to create splendid vignettes. An excellent Spring read and a topper on our reading list!


Spring is a beacon of fresh starts. It is nature’s reminder of shedding the past and delving into the bounty of the new. Our homes are living and breathing sanctuaries that experience seasons just as we do. With a few yet impactful additions, your spaces are sure to be invigorated to welcome the season!