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    5 Planters to Consider for Your Gardening Project

    If you think buying planters  is an easy task then you just made a huge mistake. It’s because there are so many types of plant with different materials and for different settings that it can be mind-boggling at times to choose the right planters. 

    Most gardeners spend a lot of time buying the appropriate planters online or in their local plant nurseries. This process can be less time consuming if they know the different types of planters available.  And, as a gardener, it is essential that you also know this information. 

    Here are 5 types of planters that you should consider when selecting the right pot for your gardening goals.

    Big planters 

    For big plants such as shrubs or root vegetable plants, you will need big planters. You can choose pots which can hold more water and soil that can expedite the plant growth. Considering materials such as clay or concrete would be ideal because they last for a long time and have good air & water circulation. 

    Small  planters

    For small crotons and flower plants, you would need small planters. Maybe you want to have a collection of small plants together to make it look pleasing in your garden. For such needs, choosing small would be ideal. Another DIY option would be to convert all of your empty plastic vessels in your home into plant pots. That will save a lot of time and money. 

    Outdoor planters

    Outdoors need to have resistance against different weather conditions. Whether it is bitter cold or blazing heat, they should be able to continue giving nourishment to the plants. Selecting natural materials such as clay or wood, while considering your area’s weather fluctuations, would help you choose the right outdoors planters. 

    Decorative planters

    These pots are there to add flavor to your garden. If you have bonsai plants or some attractive cactus then you may consider decorative ones which will look spectacular. In fact, a lot of people use these pots for indoor furnishing and interior decoration. So, if that’s your motive, you should choose marble or wood based decorative planters that will enhance the beauty of your room,

    Designer planters

    Designer plant pots are used for specific occasions and settings. If you are trying to set a statement or probably show off your luxury then you may want to use designer planters. They come in multiple materials ranging from clay to glass. Transparent glass pots happen to be on a trend in multiple high-end hotels and restaurants. So, if you are looking for something exquisite and intriguing then designer plant pots are the best choice. At Beruru, we have a huge collection that you can select from. 

    These are five primary planters that you should consider for your gardening or interior design. They will certainly make a difference in your setting. 

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