Clay Biryani Rice Pot

Clay Biryani Rice Pot

Clay Biryani Rice Pot

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100% natural, eco-friendly cookware

  • Toxic-free and safe to use
  • Hand-seasoned using traditional methods
  • No further seasoning required. Ready to use.
  • A unique, earthy flavour that no other type of cookware can give you.
  • Slow, even, delicate cooking that packs in all the flavours and aroma.
  • Uniform circulation of heat and moisture through the pot that keeps in all the sumptuousness.
  • Infuses a punch of minerals in every dish and balances out PH levels in your food
  • Soaked in starch water for 3 to 4 days to get rid of the odour of clay.
  • Scrubbed clean to remove dust and impurities.
  • Fired in a wood oven to close pores.
  • Oiled and Sun Dried.
  • Heated with a coating of vegetable oil.

The clay used to make this product is sourced from Shoranur in Kerala. The clay is 100% lead free and without additional harmful glazing making is safe to use. Additional hand-seasoning makes sure that you can use it without worry of it cracking at high temperatures.

Volume: 3000 ml
Size (cm)- (L)x19(W)x15(H)

Finish: Rustic

Lead Time: 28 Days

Getting started: Dip all the clay products in a bucket or tub full of water for 8-12 hours or throughout the night. The water absorbed by the clay tends to make it stronger and helps in reducing the air bubbles inside the vessel. Keep the products in sunlight to dry them completely.
How to clean and maintain: Use any regular or coconut fiber scrub to clean the inner surface. Use only mild soap if needed. (Do not use metal scrubs.) Store it in an open and ventilated space after drying it. Soak it in hot water to remove tough stains. You can add baking soda to the hot water to remove any residues.

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