Balcony Furniture Online

895 products
    895 products
    Red & Black
    Tiger Print Stool - Red
    MRP Rs. 7,936.00
    White & Black
    Tiger Print Stool - White
    MRP Rs. 7,936.00
    Multi Colour
    Backed Coir Mat Colour Leaf
    MRP Rs. 908.00
    Panama Wall Light
    MRP Rs. 11,124.00
    Antique Patina
    Dream Wall Light
    MRP Rs. 8,661.00
    Black Matt Powder Coat
    Crown Chandelier
    MRP Rs. 34,579.00
    Black Matt Powder Coat
    Six Arms Chandelier
    MRP Rs. 22,249.00
    Black Powder Coat
    Diamond Pendant Light
    MRP Rs. 14,499.00
    Antique Brass
    Marble Centre Table with Fluted
    MRP Rs. 36,853.00
    Bistro Cast White Iron Chair
    MRP Rs. 21,291.00
    Jaali Wall Hanging Candle Holder
    MRP Rs. 9,619.00
    Cast Iron Wall Candle Holder Mirror
    MRP Rs. 6,831.00
    Wooden Round Side Table With Wheel
    MRP Rs. 57,525.00
    Off White
    Pillar Candle
    MRP Rs. 399.00
    PVC Backed Coir Mat Red Rose
    MRP Rs. 908.00
    PVC Backed Coir Mat Embossed
    MRP Rs. 811.00
    PVC Backed Coir Mat Paw
    MRP Rs. 746.00
    PVC Backed Coir Mat Tiger Print
    MRP Rs. 908.00
    PVC Backed Coir Mat Welcome
    MRP Rs. 616.00
    PVC Backed Coir Mat Leaf
    MRP Rs. 583.00
    PVC Backed Coir Mat Hello
    MRP Rs. 843.00
    Aged Antique
    Candle Holder with Glass Base
    from MRP Rs. 1,197.00
    Aged Antique
    Temple Lantern
    from MRP Rs. 1,343.00
    Brass Antique
    Pillar Candle Holder Greece
    from MRP Rs. 3,186.00
    Black Antique
    Plaited Candle Holder
    from MRP Rs. 2,873.00
    Brass Antique
    Knockdown Coffee Table
    MRP Rs. 8,811.00
    Raw Nickel
    Round Cast Metal Mirror Texture Edge
    MRP Rs. 8,811.00
    Brass Antique
    Metal Mirror Round Edge
    MRP Rs. 24,873.00
    Iron Bird Cage
    from MRP Rs. 7,133.00
    Antique Brass
    Mirror Round Cast Etched
    MRP Rs. 20,373.00
    Iron Wood Candle Stand
    MRP Rs. 12,349.00
    Cast Iron Candle Stand With Mirror
    MRP Rs. 6,564.00
    Stone Aala On Iron Stand
    MRP Rs. 7,929.00
    White Garden Bench (Set Of 3)
    MRP Rs. 151,969.00
    White & Black
    Cast Iron Round Table
    MRP Rs. 34,579.00
    Teak Wood Top Center Table
    MRP Rs. 30,159.00
    Sitting Army Sculpture
    MRP Rs. 74,163.00
    Sitting Buddha With Necklace
    MRP Rs. 123,563.00
    Garden Bench Single Seater
    MRP Rs. 65,069.00
    Cast Iron Garden Bench 3 Seater
    MRP Rs. 89,369.00

    Your Finest Stop to Buy Balcony Furniture Online

    Wish to transform your balcony into a delightful space? With tons of fresh air and natural light, it can easily become a cosy spot for hanging out with dear ones or relaxing all on your own. All you need is the right balcony furniture to turn your balcony into an outdoor oasis that’s just as comfortable and stylish as you want. 

    At Beruru, we bring to you a gorgeous collection of the very best balcony furniture online. Whether you’re looking for loungers, low-back chairs, swing chairs, coffee tables, nested tables, outdoor sofas or benches—you name it and we have it in our online balcony furniture store. 

    What you’ll find here at Beruru are not the average assembly-line produced balcony furniture online. We focus on crafting one-of-a-kind works of art that lend flair to your space. Our team of master artisans give life to our unique designs, handcrafting every piece of furniture with careful detailing. 

    Shop from our exclusive balcony furniture online in India today to create a dreamy outdoor nook in you balcony.

    Types of Balcony Furniture to Choose From

    Whether you wish to soak in the morning calm, have a leisurely family brunch, or hang out with friends until late, the balcony is the perfect place that gives you the feel of the outdoors under your roof. Beruru is the ultimate destination where you can find everything to accessorise this space fashionably using a variety of materials, textures, colours, and styles. 

    Shopping for balcony tables online? Take home the intriguing Carob Wooden Table to accentuate the conversation between a pair of wooden chairs. The cast iron tall table is an imposing character capable of turning heads. Our vintage marble top table featuring a cast iron base with intricate design is sure to be the centre of all gossip on the balcony. 

    Are you a fan of wicker furniture? Check out our wicker balcony furniture online, as the lightweight patio table made of PE wicker and set in an aluminium frame. Enjoy a sumptuous meal at another captivating creation embodying the woven rattan—the square wicker table with a glass top

    Chairs are essential accessories to create a comfy and functional balcony. At Beruru, we have a stunning assortment of balcony chairs online for you to choose from. Get a pop of blue in the contrasting rope and steel single chair to adorn your space. Or, the charming wicker metal rod chair to aptly pair with the patio table. The high-back chair in PE wicker will become your favourite place to enjoy a book. And if it is an all-out clean metallic look that you are looking for, the black wire stool is just what you need. 

    For an outdoor seating arrangement that stands out, sample our balcony benches  like the classic wood and iron bench, reminiscent of one’s childhood spent in the neighbourhood park. Or, for something more edgy, you could opt for the clean black and white lines of synthetic wicker bench in mild steel frame. 

    Whether you wish to make your balcony a stylish extension of your indoor living area or a space filled with its own personality, our range of balcony furniture online will make any décor dream come alive! 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What type of balcony furniture is the most durable?
    Typically, metal like wrought iron and cast aluminium is sturdy and apt as outdoor furniture. Further, synthetic fibres also make durable balcony furniture.

    What is the best furniture for a balcony?
    Your choice of balcony furniture largely depends on your personal taste, the space available, and the décor style you’re going for. However, there are some pieces of furniture you’ll never go wrong with— such as a well-crafted and high-quality coffee table set or comfy lounge chairs, and even patio tables if your space permits. 

    What is the function of outdoor furniture?
    Outdoor furniture helps extend your living space to your balcony, terrace or lawn and make the time you spend outdoors enjoyable.

    Can balcony furniture get wet?
    If you have a cover over your balcony, your furniture won’t get wet. In most cases, outdoor furniture can weather the elements well, except for the ones made of natural fibre. But, in case of heavy downpours, it makes sense to cover garden furniture set on an open balcony.

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