Outdoor Coffee Table

44 products
    44 products
    Antique Brass
    Marble Centre Table with Fluted
    MRP Rs. 36,853.00
    Cast Iron Coffee Table - White
    MRP Rs. 13,549.00
    Cast Iron Coffee Table - Green
    MRP Rs. 13,549.00
    Wooden Round Side Table With Wheel
    MRP Rs. 57,525.00
    Antique Naga Grain Table
    MRP Rs. 129,059.00
    Matt Nickle
    Ruffled Edge Side table
    MRP Rs. 2,663.00
    Light Gold
    Ruffled Edge Side table
    MRP Rs. 4,158.00
    Charcoal Black
    Ruffled Edge Side table
    MRP Rs. 6,238.00
    Triangular Centre Table Set Brass Antique (Set of 2)
    MRP Rs. 27,038.00
    Ceramic Top Centre Table Metal Base (Set of 2)
    MRP Rs. 29,963.00
    White & Black
    Cast Iron Round Table
    MRP Rs. 34,579.00
    Teak Wood Top Center Table
    MRP Rs. 30,159.00
    Center table Johor
    MRP Rs. 49,334.00
    Sunrise Arabica Center Table
    MRP Rs. 32,466.00
    MRP Rs. 28,762.00
    Nagada Coffee Table
    MRP Rs. 23,139.00
    Continental Center Table
    MRP Rs. 42,233.00
    Zefiro Center Table
    MRP Rs. 43,939.00
    Coffee Stem Nature Table
    MRP Rs. 10,320.00
    Coffee Stem Nature Table
    MRP Rs. 10,560.00
    Round Teak wood Coffee Table with Iron Base
    MRP Rs. 35,909.00
    Table Cane Weave
    MRP Rs. 30,030.00
    Table Large
    MRP Rs. 26,611.00
    Vasu Coffee Table
    MRP Rs. 76,464.00
    Teak Center Table with Iron Base
    MRP Rs. 26,324.00
    LG Center table
    MRP Rs. 45,539.00
    Synthetic Coffee Table
    MRP Rs. 20,159.00
    Coffee Table
    MRP Rs. 24,119.00
    Zodiac Coffee Table
    MRP Rs. 32,939.00
    Antares Center Table
    MRP Rs. 82,749.00
    Shoba Arabica Round Table with Glass
    MRP Rs. 35,749.00
    Box Side Table with Glass
    MRP Rs. 15,728.00
    Box Center Table with Glass
    MRP Rs. 31,263.00
    Sunshine Arabica Center Table with Glass
    MRP Rs. 30,061.00
    White Black
    Compact Round Wicker Table
    MRP Rs. 15,124.00
    Valentin Cast Iron Table
    from MRP Rs. 4,372.00
    Titian Table - Brown
    MRP Rs. 25,369.00
    Filgree Cast Iron Table - Brown
    MRP Rs. 25,807.00
    Tilleul Cast Iron Table - Green
    MRP Rs. 13,549.00
    Amour Cast Iron Table - Brown
    MRP Rs. 13,566.00

    For those of us who enjoy the warmth of sunshine or soothing gentle breezes, outdoor living spaces are just as important as indoor spaces. We turn to these spaces for a lot of other things- For some serene time, a place to introspect, to spend quality time with our loved ones, and even to pursue hobbies like reading a book, or painting. 

    Of the many parts of outdoor living space, a significant contribution is made by an outdoor coffee table. An outdoor coffee table set can do wonders for your patio, whether you own a spacious poolside deck or a cute balcony. These outdoor coffee tables can be sleek and stylish, or wholesome and reliable depending upon what you’re looking for in terms of durability, flexibility, and functionality.

    An Outdoor Coffee Table That Packs a Punch!

    From being an optional piece of furniture to a décor staple, outdoor coffee tables have come a long way. Ideally, your outdoor coffee table should be able to bring together the different elements of your outdoor space and should be highly efficient functionally. Outdoor coffee tables in India come in a variety of materials, designs, textures, and finishes; some even with useful storage space.

    Picking The Right Outdoor Coffee Table

    Depending on your patio needs and available space, choosing the right outdoor coffee table requires a little planning. Beruru offers a versatile range of outdoor coffee table designs online that is guaranteed to fit into your style. Outdoor coffee tables come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. While the concrete outdoor coffee tables are more contemporary in design, round outdoor coffee tables have a rustic look to them. These patio coffee tables bring home earthy elegance in the simplest, most natural designs.

    Metal outdoor coffee tables strike the right balance between design and durability and last longer considering their strength. The Foldable Metal Table and Wooden Iron Table are better suited for smaller spaces, owing to their practical and compact designs.  If you’re looking for something with an antique finish, you could check out the Metal Trap Basket Table, which is a black outdoor coffee table. It adds a vintage touch to your space with its teakwood and iron design, offering ample storage space too. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of outdoor furniture is the most durable?
    Ideally, wrought iron furniture is the most durable for outside use. It comes with the heaviest frame, lasting many years, and in many designs owing to its flexibility.

    How tall should an outdoor coffee table be?
    The standard height for an outdoor coffee table is 15-19 inches, with the table being lower than 1-2 inches from the seat of your couch.

    What is patio furniture made of?
    Patio furniture can be designed using many materials. Mostly they come in woods, synthetics (like plastic, ABS, and wicker), and metals like wrought iron, aluminum, and steel.

    Should a coffee table be lower than the couch?
    Ideally, the coffee table should be a couple of inches lower than the height of your seat. The standard height for a coffee table would be 15-19 inches as it pairs well with an average-sized couch. 

    How much space should be there between the sofa and coffee table?
    The sofa and coffee table space is mainly determined for comfortable leg space. Typically, 16 inches between these two will give plenty of room for movement. 
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