Outdoor Stools

4 products
    4 products
    Cube Stool
    Cube Stool
    MRP Rs. 16,499.00
    Iron Stool With Wooden Top
    Iron Stool With Wooden Top
    MRP Rs. 24,999.00
    Ontario Foot stool
    Ontario Foot stool
    MRP Rs. 30,499.00
    Cortino Bar Chair
    Cortino Bar Chair
    MRP Rs. 32,799.00

    Get the Best Outdoor Stools for Garden Siestas and Parties!

    Outdoor stools are a major boon for gardens, farmhouses and backyards. You cannot just decorate your garden with outdoor stools but even deck up your patios and gazebos with these stunning pieces.

    Have plans of hosting a barbeque party in the backyard or looking to soak up the sun on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Not a problem with you can buy outdoor stools online within the most affordable range.

    How about having an evening snack against the backdrop of a sunset on one of the best outdoor sofa sets? And then there are garden dining tables that transform the outdoors into personal dining rooms. Good quality outdoor bar stools let you enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

    Overview of Outdoor Stools

    You need comfortable and stylish outdoor stools to make it worth spending quality time outdoors. So, be very choosy when looking for outdoor bar stools. If you want modern outdoor stools made of specific materials, a range of choices are available.

    Outdoor bar stools come in rattan or wicker, mild steel, stainless steel, wrought iron, cast aluminium and solid wood materials. You can buy outdoor stools online for different outdoor locations like gardens, balconies, patios, gazebos and backyards.

    There are myriads of home improvement options for your varied outdoor requirements. Thus, take the help of a weather assistant to find outdoor stools  to suit outdoor décor and make a personality statement.

    Types of Outdoor Stools

    Different outdoor bar stools are available, depending on the material:

    • Adorned with a comfortable and luxurious interpretation of the ceramic pattern, the outdoor ceramic stools are perfect for a glass of wine or extra seating.
    • The natural appeal of the outdoor rattan stools will automatically transport you to the good old days.
    • The outdoor wood stools are highly complimenting pieces of furniture that blend well with the garden settings.
    • Outdoor dining stools are perfect for enjoying mealtime with loved ones and family.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of outdoor furniture is the most durable? 
    Outdoor furniture made of good quality wrought iron is the most durable.

    Does cast aluminium get hot in the sun?
    Yes, cast aluminium can get hot in the sun but not as hot as wrought iron.

    Can patio furniture get wet?
    Patio furniture is water-resistant but not waterproof, so it can get wet and even accumulate damage if left unattended.

    Can wicker furniture be left outside?
    Yes, wicker furniture can be left outside, but some level of care is required.

    What is a good outdoor fabric?
    The best outdoor fabric is polypropylene fabric because of its high-quality UV resistance.

    How long will wood patio furniture last?
    Good quality wood patio furniture can last for more than 15 years.

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