Outdoor table

98 products
    98 products
    Antique Brass
    Marble Centre Table with Fluted
    MRP Rs. 36,853.00
    Cast Iron Coffee Table - White
    MRP Rs. 13,549.00
    Cast Iron Coffee Table - Green
    MRP Rs. 13,549.00
    Solid Wooden 6 seater Dining Table
    MRP Rs. 143,504.00
    Zodiac Coffee Table
    MRP Rs. 38,733.00
    Wooden Round Side Table With Wheel
    MRP Rs. 57,525.00
    Sunshine Glass Top Coffee Table
    MRP Rs. 30,061.00
    Antique Naga Grain Table
    MRP Rs. 129,059.00
    Brass Antique
    Knockdown Coffee Table
    MRP Rs. 8,811.00
    Matt Nickle
    Ruffled Edge Side table
    MRP Rs. 2,663.00
    Light Gold
    Ruffled Edge Side table
    MRP Rs. 4,158.00
    Charcoal Black
    Ruffled Edge Side table
    MRP Rs. 6,238.00
    Triangular Centre Table Set Brass Antique (Set of 2)
    MRP Rs. 27,038.00
    Ceramic Top Centre Table Metal Base (Set of 2)
    MRP Rs. 29,963.00
    Sleeper Wood Console
    MRP Rs. 61,123.00
    Coffee Table with Kadai Base
    MRP Rs. 53,123.00
    White & Black
    Cast Iron Round Table
    MRP Rs. 34,579.00
    Teak Wood Top Center Table
    MRP Rs. 30,159.00
    Rattan Coffee Tray Table
    from MRP Rs. 5,186.00
    Side Table Johor
    MRP Rs. 25,739.00
    Center table Johor
    MRP Rs. 49,334.00
    Sunrise Arabica Center Table
    MRP Rs. 32,466.00
    MRP Rs. 28,762.00
    Nagada Coffee Table
    MRP Rs. 23,139.00
    Continental Center Table
    MRP Rs. 42,233.00
    Cast Iron Dressing Table - Green
    MRP Rs. 75,933.00
    Cast Iron Dressing table - Yellow
    MRP Rs. 75,933.00
    Globe Dining Table - 6 Seater
    MRP Rs. 52,279.00
    Zefiro Center Table
    MRP Rs. 43,939.00
    Coffee Stem Nature Table
    MRP Rs. 10,320.00
    Coffee Stem Nature Table
    MRP Rs. 10,560.00
    Limestone Side Table
    MRP Rs. 8,400.00
    Round Teak wood Coffee Table with Iron Base
    MRP Rs. 35,909.00
    Antique Console Table
    MRP Rs. 63,720.00
    Wooden Half Round Console With Ganesha
    MRP Rs. 28,895.00
    Console Table with Teak Wood Top
    MRP Rs. 36,119.00
    Table Cane Weave
    MRP Rs. 30,030.00
    Table Large
    MRP Rs. 26,611.00
    Royal Square Console Table
    MRP Rs. 30,479.00
    Round Pillar Side Table
    MRP Rs. 33,984.00

    Setting up a garden and wondering what’s missing? What you’re probably looking for is an outdoor table that holds the entire space together. Modern outdoor tables not only add to the aesthetics of your garden, but they also serve functionally- whether it is holding up your food or holding your close ones in a warm huddle. 

    Shopping for an outdoor table online can be daunting for a newbie, and even those who like to pick out their décor while being sure of its quality and sturdiness. This is where we come in. 

    At Beruru, you can choose from a variety of modern outdoor tables that complement just about any kind of décor. Made of superior materials and elegant design, Beruru’s online outdoor tables promise the best value for money. These outdoor tables are guaranteed to give your area a perfect finish and do so in excellent quality and style.

    The Best Outdoor Table Is In Town!

    Our space reflects ourselves. There’s always a frame here, or a hanging there that we feel is special to us. Our garden and patios are just the same. It’s only fair to want our furniture to be beautiful and efficient at the same time.

    Whether you are looking for ways of home improvement or are looking to set up from scratch there are many things to consider while planning your furniture. While our needs and tastes are different, we all look for high quality and good usability at a reasonable cost. So, let’s have a look at what goes into picking the best outdoor and where we can buy the best outdoor table online. 

    What’s Your Type? 

    Choosing A Table For Your Outdoor Space 

    Picking the right kind of outdoor table would largely depend on the location and nature of use. Beruru’s outdoor tables come in a range of colours, textures, materials, and finishes. 

    An outdoor table hosts many activities like eating, reading, and even studying. These tables come in a wide variety of styles depending on their use. For instance, outdoor dining tables are made studier than any other type as they are meant for heavier use. They come in different sizes but make sure to pick a material that stands long exposure to external elements. The Beachwood Round Dining Table is an excellent choice if you wish to enjoy a wholesome meal experience. 

    Looking for something cosier? The outdoor coffee table is your ideal choice. These come in sizes too, but you’d want something that is meant for much smaller group size. Outdoor wood tables are in style right now; they give a rustic look to your setting and can be super stylish at the same time. 

    Outdoor bar tables, on the other hand, are more of an adventurous buy. If you plan frequent parties in your garden, you’d surely want to show off your latest bar table complete with sturdy design and oozing charm. 

    Foldable outdoor tables are for those who are practical and believe in a minimalistic yet efficient design. They are versatile, mobile, and light in structure. If you want a table that’s there and not there when you wish, a foldable table is for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of outdoor furniture is most durable?
    Ideally, wrought iron outdoor furniture is known to be long lasting. They come in metallic frames that are not only strong but can also be cast in thinner frames offering a great deal of flexibility in design. 

    How do you weatherproof a table?
    Weatherproofing your outdoor table can protect it from the elements, and regular wear and tear.  

    Sealing your table with a water sealant does better without messing with the wood look. The sealant protects your outdoor table from moisture, it also dries up moist wood inside avoiding rooting and splints.

    Coating your outdoor table with varnish will retain its natural look while still protecting it from the elements.

    Painting your table also helps maintain it for longer, but it can lose its original look.

    Can outdoor furniture stay out in the rain?
    Most outdoor furniture can withstand rain but are not waterproof. While they can survive a shower or two, they do accumulate damage over time if left uncovered or tended to.

    Can any table go outside?
    Yes, when treated and sealed properly almost any kind of table can be used outside. Remember, however, that different materials react differently and have varied treating methods.

    Can patio furniture get wet?
    While patio furniture is water-resistant by design, it does react to the elements over time. So, cover up your furniture in times of heavy downpours to avoid rusting and neglect.

    How long will wood patio furniture last?
    There is no specific timeline, as a lot depends on the maintenance and climate. If treated properly and maintained with time, your wood patio furniture can last you over 10 years.
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