About Us

Our Vision

To grow our roots in every home, and find home in every garden.

Our Mission

To be the definitive root-to-roof outdoor lifestyle brand, for homes and gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Our Ethos

To reimagine the outdoors as the heart of any space, inspiring slow, joyful urban living.

For the unassuming balcony, the sun-soaked terrace, the little backyard or grounds that stretch beyond the eye can see, Beruru has something for every kind of outdoor space. We’ve travelled the world to bring you an eclectic range of plants, planters, garden accessories, decor and furniture for indoor and al fresco spaces — all under one roof.

Our Founders

Radeesh Shetty spent years curating and creating interior products from some of the best names in interiors and architecture for years.

Beruru grew out of his love for green spaces and the conviction that everyone deserves one. He wanted to make creating one’s own garden as accessible and fun as we have made doing up a home, no matter how big or small? And thus, the seed of Beruru was planted.

His passion for the outdoors and creativity is the driving force behind the brand and thus begun the journey of bringing the joy of nature back into urban living.

Prashant, a partner at Accel India, serving on the board of startups including BookMyShow, HolidayIQ, BlueStone, Swiggy & HomeLane he has been a patron and mentor for Beruru since the start.

Radeesh Shetty

Prashant Prakash

Our Team