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    Balcony Planters: Know Their Scene-Stealing Benefits

    Overview of Balcony Planters

    Balcony planters are an easy and affordable way to let quality air into your home while enhancing the decorative flair of your home at the same time. From wall planters online to hanging planters, different varieties of modern balcony planters are available to fulfil every individual’s desire.

    Transform your balcony into a rejuvenating space by going for balcony planters online. The house garden on your balcony filled with different varieties of balcony planters online India can be the space to de-stress after a long day at work. This space will create that great aura to have a morning cup of coffee or tea while relaxing on a lounge chair.

    Buy balcony planters online to explore some of the most vivid options that suit your style and preference. It works to buy balcony planters online as you can find some of the most stunning varieties in patterns, styles and designs and even colour options.

    Types of Balcony Planters

    The different varieties of balcony planters online include

    Balcony Hanging Planters

    Balcony hanging planters are a modern and stylish way of highlighting plants on the porch of your house. You can find balcony planter pots in varied colour finishes and designs. Furthermore, the metal planters made of high-strength materials guarantee robustness and durability.

    Balcony Railing Planters

    Balcony railing planters in different colours, shapes and sizes are perfect for the balconies of small apartments and large bungalows. You can use balcony railing planters to grow fruits and vegetables on the balcony; use plants as a privacy solution; grow plants without sacrificing floor space; and make your balcony feel more enclosed. The wide variety available in railing balcony planters online includes plant pot holder brackets, bracketed railing boxes, balcony railing planter pots and ridge balcony railing planters.

    Ceramic Balcony Planter

    The ceramic balcony planter is a strong and sturdy product in different patterns. It comprises ceramic hanging pots for the balcony and can easily be hung using metal brackets on the wall wherever you like. Ceramic is a material with the high tensile strength to hold all kinds of baskets and plants.

    Wooden Balcony Planter

    Choose a wooden balcony planter if you want to transform your balcony into a beautiful garden. The wooden railing balcony planters online available in the hand-painted collection look truly exclusive and can be the best addition to your space.

    Get Mother Nature right into your home while adding texture and colour to your home in an inexpensive way by going for wooden balcony planters online India. These garden pots come with detachable hooks for easy installation. They keep the interiors of a home vibrant and green regardless of what the weather’s like outside.

    For the ones who do not have sufficient space in their balconies, there are even wooden wall planters available to hang from the walls of a balcony or the windowsills.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which pots are best for a balcony?
    Standing and hanging pots, railing planters, and bridge pots are best for a balcony.

    How do you hang a planter on a balcony?
    For balconies with a bit of breeze or no wind at all or the ones with privacy screens, fully-rounded balcony planters online can be the best choice. The right way to hang a planter on a balcony is by installing a decorative bracket and hanging the planter from the bracket end. Brackets allow the planter to hang and the plants to grow in all directions.

    Do balcony planters need drainage holes?
    Yes, balcony planters online need drainage holes to save the plants from dying. The drainage holes in balcony planters online India drip off extra water that can otherwise lead to over-watering the plants, and ultimately root rotting.

    Can you keep plants on the balcony?
    Keeping plants on the balcony is beneficial, but with a few pointers in mind. If your balcony remains shaded by the other buildings or faces the north, opt for low-light plants like ferns, coleus, hostas, begonias and impatiens. You can keep greens like spinach, lettuce and chard that require half a day of sun. Growing herbs on your balcony can also be great for culinary uses.

    How can I hang plants on a balcony without drilling?
    If you want to hang plants on your balcony without drilling, buy a few railing window boxes with white balcony planters online. These come with hooks that hold the railing of a balcony. You can use them to keep different pots that create the perfect green space in your home.

    What can I hang instead of hanging baskets?
    Instead of hanging baskets on your balcony, you can hang traditional flower pots in small sizes, wall-hanging balcony planters online India and even use planters on the railings of your balcony.

    How do you keep plants on a windy balcony?
    If you want to keep plants on a windy balcony, go for railing balcony planters online; plastic pots, cement or stone planters, and wood planters feature sturdy construction and do not fall off easily.

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