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    7 products
    Grey Granite Fire Place
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    Garden digging trowel
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    Garden trowel
    MRP Rs. 1,175.00
    Garden fork
    MRP Rs. 1,175.00
    Garden trowel (wide)
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    Gardening tool (curved)
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    Barin scissor
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    Trusted & exceptional quality of garden tools online at Beruru

    Meta - The joy of gardening multiplies with the right home garden tools. Beruru is every gardener’s best resort to buying safe and practical garden accessories online.

    The best place to buy garden tools online in India

    No hobby offers greater satisfaction than gardening. Beruru understands the passion that this heavenly pastime entails. To realize your dreams of becoming the perfect gardener, you need a functional Garden tool kit. We have created an end-to-end store for garden equipment online. We bring a diverse range of garden items.

    The most-trusted address in India for buying avant-garde garden products online is Beruru. Crafted with love, curated with the excitement of filling your space with natural greens! Together we have the power to make the Earth a greener and a better place to live and breathe! 

    Beruru - Garden tools 

    Let your gardening fad not die due to lack of garden equipment. Buy garden tools online at the best prices from Beruru. The love for green living beings is irresistible and contagious too! Hats off to all the amateur and professional gardeners out there who attempt to make their place sustainable.

    Buy reliable garden accessories online at for these reasons:

    • Robust and powerfully built.
    • Made from dependable and robust materials that are not prone to rust.
    • Comfortable and ergonomic design that makes using these online garden tools immensely convenient.
    • Amazing razor-sharpened and smooth edges for effective results. 
    • Lightweight garden equipment online.

    Types of garden tools online

    What types of garden tools do you get at Beruru? A complete set, of course. Here are some of the garden accessories online available for sale at Beruru:

    1. Pruning secateur - pruners are widely used for cutting off branches and unrequired offshoots.

    2. Hand cultivator - this gardening tool is used for loosening and digging up the soil.

    3. Gardening rakes - break up clumps of soil and remove stones with the help of rakes.

    4. Hand fork - a big help in digging weeds, loosening soil, mixing additives, etc.

    5. A hand trowel is used for weeding, making holes, and transplanting seedlings.

    6. Watering can - an essential tool to water your green friends.

    There are many more types of garden equipment online at Beruru. Check out our store today!

    Buy garden tools online cost-effectively at Beruru! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of tools is essential in gardening?
    Some of the must-have tools in the garden include - hand trowel, spade, gardening rake, secateurs, fork, shovel, hose, watering can, gardening gloves, hand cultivator, etc.

    How do you use garden tools?
    Different tools have different uses and are, therefore, used in different ways. But, most of them are handheld equipment and need to be operated manually.

    Why is it important to give proper care to garden tools?
    You need to care for tools because it helps maintain their longevity and durability.

    What are garden tools called?
    They are also referred to as garden accessories or gardening equipment.

    What are the basic tools for gardening?
    The basic tools are - trowel, spade, bow rake, hand rake, hoe, and weed puller.

    Where can I buy gardening tools?
    India’s trusted store Beruru is the best place to buy garden tools online.

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