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8 products
    8 products
    Ceramic Planter with Burgundy Lip
    from MRP Rs. 455.00
    Ceramic Planter with Blue Base Stone Lip
    from MRP Rs. 455.00
    Ceramic Planter with Lip
    from MRP Rs. 390.00
    Grey Filantus
    from MRP Rs. 838.00
    Green & Natural Brown
    Round Glass Planter Bowl on Drift Wood
    MRP Rs. 3,149.00
    Green & Natural Brown
    Glass Planter on Drift Wood - Square
    MRP Rs. 2,897.00
    Aged Antique
    Metal planter with Metal Base
    from MRP Rs. 1,532.00
    Brass Metal Planter with Stand
    from MRP Rs. 3,539.00

    Gardening - A rewarding hobby

    Gardening is a great pastime. Only nature enthusiasts experience the innate joy of watching their homes and landscape filled with shrubs and flowers. It is one of the most handsomely rewarding hobbies leaving you with lots of positivity and hope. Thankfully, today, many online garden shops can be your go-to store for exotic and classy plant purchases.

    Space is never a constraint.

    Whether you are in a bungalow with a sprawling garden space outdoors or in a tiny apartment in a high-rise building, your gardening dreams can be realized with ease when you indulge in online garden shopping. Understandably, living in big cities like Chennai or Bangalore, you can find it challenging to find a viable space to garden. You can always opt for a terrace garden and fill it aesthetically with plant pots and décor items brought from a garden décor online shop. You can decorate your work and living space in Bangalore with indoor plants from our unique online garden store in Bangalore

    Beruru – Online garden store

    The trend of buying from an online gardening store in India has been around for some time now. It is convenient to buy online. But the experience would have been incomplete if the online gardening stores were not fully stocked. The online garden store in Bangalore, Beruru, is one-of-its-kind, with everything root to roof. 

    Online garden store types

    Beruru, a top-of-the-line online gardening store, has an array of collections, be it plants, seeds, tools, pots, etc., to facilitate easy gardening in Bangalore. There are gardening tools, garden furniture, soils, planters and pots, garden lights for indoor & outdoor gardens, and more. 

    Reasons for shopping at an online garden store in Chennai?

    An online garden shop where you can buy some of the best-quality and exotic garden supplies is a big help. Considering the weather in Chennai year-round, you can find it detrimental and discouraging to move outdoors to shop for your garden. Staying indoors helps. It is unparalleled comfort to get all your requirements at an online garden store. There’s absolutely no need to step out of home, no traffic jams, no sweat or heat! Moreover, an online garden store like Beruru has various gardening tools, fertilizers, seeds, pots, etc., to facilitate easy and fun-filled shopping.

    Gift your garden a little something. Choose from a range of plants, pots, décor, garden essentials or order unique products online only at Beruru.

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