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    43 products
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    Outdoor lighting not only increases curb appeal but also promotes the security of your family and friends. When we think of outdoor ceiling lights, wall mounts or hanging fixtures are what come to mind first. But did you know, ceiling lights also serve as excellent outdoor lighting? They illuminate the space aesthetically making them an excellent combination of beauty and functionality.

    Beruru offers a wide selection of outdoor ceiling lamps that work up an excellent ambience. These light fixtures fit into any choice of décor, provide security by lighting up dingy corners, and come in sustainable designs that make the best use of resources. 

    Outdoor Ceiling Lights- An Overview

    Outdoor ceiling lights have become increasingly popular owing to their versatile design and efficient use. Outdoor ceiling lighting ideas are not simply wall-mounted or ceiling fixtures today- they feature advanced technology that enhances their functionality. Some of their  features include low energy consumption, motion sensors, dimming regulation, and remote control. 

    Outdoor ceiling-mounted lights also come in varying shapes and sizes, aiming to illuminate just about any outdoor space. Lighting up an outdoor space always takes some thought because the principles we use here are different from when we are choosing lights inside our home. Lighting an interior space is more straightforward and practical; outdoors, we need to consider the area to be covered, along with making sure that the tone and brightness do not disturb neighbouring structures. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular outdoor ceiling lights out there in the market today. 

    Types of Outdoor Ceiling Lights

    Modern outdoor ceiling lighting is looking promising currently. Available in a host of features, textures, and styling patterns, these lighting fixtures blend into any décor style. Beruru has some excellent choices when it comes to outdoor ceiling lights, be it wall-mounted or hanging. From terracotta to bamboo, these lamps are designed using sustainable materials that are as functional as they look beautiful. The Seashell Bamboo Pendant Lamp features a unique design that gives a classic, yet contemporary finish. The lamp itself is designed to cast warm shadows in an infinite design, lending a pleasing, and elegant air to it. 

    If you’re looking for something more organic, we would suggest the Conical Banana Weave Lamp. This lamp features a minimalistic design and is yet chic and most natural-looking. Its conical style is rather fun, giving your space an easy-breezy feel to it. The Woven Drum Trumpet Lamp is another outdoor hanging ceiling light that adds charm and sophistication to your place most easily. This lamp is made of cane and comes in a textured finish. 

    Irrespective of the style, Beruru takes care of your lighting needs through its choicest options of outdoor ceiling lights. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I choose outdoor ceiling lights?
    A few things to keep in mind while choosing the right kind of outdoor ceiling lights are considering the space you want to light (you may need multiple lights to cover a larger surface area), and the purpose of lighting; lighting for security purposes includes a lot more thought and planning. Ensure that your outdoor ceiling light should measure about 1/3rd to 1/4th of your door. 

    How bright should outdoor ceiling lights be?
    The recommended brightness for outdoor needs is 50-300 lumens. While path lights need about 100-200 lumens, outdoor landscaping can use anywhere between 50 and 700 lumens.

    Where should outdoor lights be placed?
    Ideally, outdoor lights are placed in areas of maximum movement at night- like the porch, at a side or rear door, or outside a garage. Lights are best positioned at centre points around 66-72 inches above the floor, providing maximum coverage.

    Do exterior lights need to match?
    Exterior lighting need not match strictly, so you can have some fun mixing your outdoor lighting. If you’re looking for a unified look, consider matching fixtures with similar colours, textures, or sizes.

    How many outside lights do I need?
    That depends on the surface area you plan to cover with your lighting. On average, you’ll need around 25 mid-sized C7 style bulbs to cover an area of 24 feet.

    Is soft light or daylight better for outside?
    Warmer colours like soft light are better if you’re going for a cosy, warm look. Cooler colours like daylight or cool white work well for security lighting.

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