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3 products
    3 products
    Live Edge Wood Dining Table 10 Seater
    MRP Rs. 454,499.00
    Six Seater Wooden Legs Dining Table
    Six Seater Wooden Legs Dining Table
    MRP Rs. 174,999.00
    Rectangular Extendable Dining Table (72''-94'')
    Rectangular Extendable Dining Table (72''-94'')
    MRP Rs. 72,999.00

    Outdoor dining tables are an excellent way to add that extra zing to your dining routine. They give you an excuse to soak up the sun and get some fresh air. Whether you are setting up outdoor dining furniture for backyard parties, snack time picnics, or simply looking to add panache to your décor, picking the right dining table is the first step in the right direction. 

    These patio dining tables spruce up the space instantly and come in a variety of designs, materials, and budget options. They are designed keeping in mind external elements, functionality, and maintenance. So, keeping in mind your patio needs and available space, let’s have a look at some of the best outdoor dining tables in India.

    Outdoor Dining Done Right

    A relaxed, comfortable experience is common to most outdoor dining experiences. Elements in our décor reflect our style and are windows to our tastes. Remember to choose your outdoor dining furniture from an exclusive design style and premium quality materials, ensuring that it lasts you for many years. 

    Irrespective of the size of your patio, outdoor dining tables are quick to get a coordinated look. You can choose your outdoor dining table set to match the style that suits your patio or garden the best.  

    Outdoor dining tables come in square, circular and rectangular shapes and can be made of many materials like wood, marble, cast iron, and the like. Each material comes with its fair share of upkeep, and each brings with it a unique charm to the ambience. 

    Types Of Outdoor Dining Tables

    When it comes to picking the right outdoor dining furniture, we are spoilt for choice. Among others, the round wood outdoor dining table is a classic choice. It comes in a conventional design and offers some great functionality. Remember, your outdoor dining table is not just a piece of décor; from holding your coffee and books, to hosting your meals, it does it all. 

    The modern teak outdoor dining table is more contemporary and is made of premium quality teak that can last generations if maintained well. It is sturdy in build and promises a solid dining experience. For those of you who are looking for something more practical and compact in design, the modular outdoor dining table is for you. These outdoor dining tables come in modest designs, are easily maintained, and are highly durable making them perfect for outdoor use. 

    Like modular dining tables, contemporary outdoor dining tables are a blend of utility and style. Check out the Square Jali Table with Glass from Beruru, oozing with artistic elegance. Metal outdoor dining tables, on the other hand, are all about bringing an informal, relaxed feel to dining. These dining tables are built robustly and come in designs of varying complexity. The metal frames allow furniture designers and manufacturers the artistic freedom to create intricate or simple designs as needed. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can any table be used outdoors?
    Yes, almost any table or piece of indoor furniture can be used outdoors if properly treated. Weatherproofing and water-proofing your indoor table can help it withstand moisture, dust, and sunlight for longer periods.

    Can I use a dining table as an outdoor table?
    Most indoor dining tables are made of wood that is not prepped to withstand outdoor conditions. However, if treated well, and protected from damage by the elements, most indoor tables can be used outside.

    What type of outdoor furniture is most durable?
    Metal is the strongest and most durable for outdoor furniture. They are strong, more flexible, and can be designed in many more ways than other materials.

    Can a wood table be used outside?
    Wood cannot survive naturally for long outside, so it needs to be treated. Weatherproofing your wood will avoid it from fading, flaking, splintering, or rotting. 

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