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    Outdoor Sofas That Infuse Your Outdoor Space With Style and Comfort 

    Are you planning your outdoor space to be an extension of your living space? Maybe you’re looking to create a comfy spot in your balcony to let your hair down or lounge with friends? Or, maybe you’re toying with the idea of converting your spacious garden for outdoor dining?   

    Bring all those ideas and more alive with outdoor sofa sets. A gorgeous garden sofa is not just a seating option but is also an aesthetic element for your outdoor space.  

    Beruru brings high-quality outdoor sofas to India, produced sustainably by masterful craftsmen. Our designs are modern and made to transform your outdoor space into a lavish oasis that you’ll be proud to show off. Besides the unique designs, our modern outdoor sofas are durable, weather-resistant, and easy to care for. 

    Explore our collection of outdoor sofas online to create a tranquil outdoor space where you can entertain, relax, or make memories with your family and friends. 

    Types of Outdoor Sofas and Sofa Sets 

    Opt for single-seater patio sofas combined with the double and triple-seater outdoor garden sofas to build a seamless rhythm and harmony between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Add visual delight to the patio with a natural woven outdoor sofa set. Or, allow the quintessential wooden outdoor sofa to make your space appear warm, inviting, and cosy. 

    At Beruru, we create trendy yet elegant pieces of outdoor lounge sofas that make your garden look graceful and inviting. Clean, straight lines dominate our design principle, lending each furniture piece a minimalist aura. 

    Sample our tall outdoor sofa for balcony presenting a striking silhouette with a high back. Woven with all-weather rope and mounted on a steel frame, the sofa has water-resistant fabric cushions for a comfortable seat. A variation of the high back version is the Acre Outdoor Sofa with a stunted back, paired with colourful cushions and a plush seat for style and comfort. 

    The two-seater outdoor sofa has a powder-coated metallic structure that can weather the elements while making a style statement with élan. The moon lounger is the perfect outdoor wicker sofa to engage in a refreshing round of buddy talk. Made of synthetic wicker and mounted on a lightweight aluminium frame, this is a contemporary version of a settee complete with plush cushions. 

    Browse our virtual store or drop by our nearest stores and pick from a wide range of sofa sets that match your style and taste.  

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can you use a regular sofa outside?
    You can use an indoor sofa outside with a protective covering or an overhead shade to withstand harsh weather conditions.

    What type of outdoor sofa is the most durable?
    Metal is the most durable and elegant outdoor sofa set that can survive high wind, rain, and shine with élan.

    Can patio furniture be left out in the winter?
    Chilly weather, freezing winter rain, and snow can damage your patio sofa and other furniture. Hence, it is advisable to protect the furniture with a heavy-duty protective covering during the winter. 

    How do you store a couch outside?
    To store a couch outside, thoroughly clean and repair it before keeping it safe under dry shaded storage. Secure it tightly with a tarpaulin cover while keeping some gap at the bottom for ventilation.

    Does leather last outdoors?
    Leather furniture is not suitable for the outdoors. However, if you do have one in the garden or patio, make sure to cover it up when not using it.

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