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    Add Exclusive Glamour to Your Open-Air Spaces with Outdoor Wall Lights

    Felicitous Outdoor Wall Lights to Create Extraordinary Exteriors 

    Outdoor wall light for houses and outdoor decorations are things neglected by many people. While this notion needs to change, some companies offer their clients the plushest and finest outdoor wall lamps to give their exteriors an exclusive appeal.

    You can always depend on the best outdoor fixtures to give your exteriors a touch of elegance. Regardless of the outdoor wall light design, there are innumerable options and even specially curated outdoor compound wall lights to set the right tone.

    When looking for outdoor light fixtures people generally miss out on the correct parameters resulting in lights that are either too bland or too loud. The key here is modern outdoor wall lighting that energizes your outdoors.

    Overview of Outdoor Wall Lights

    Outdoor wall lights play an essential role in highlighting and brightening up the exteriors of a home. When done strategically, outdoor wall lights can offer a whole new appearance to your façade while making the patio, landscape or porch area more attractive.

    You can easily buy outdoor wall lights that are not only energy efficient but even exclusive for all moods and occasions. You can choose from outdoor wall mounted lights, hanging lights, garden spike lights, walkway lights, post lights, burials, step lights, and bollards.

    It is crucial to work upon different outdoor wall lighting ideas to highlight the exteriors and lend them the perfect ambience.

    Types of Outdoor Wall Lights

    Outdoor lighting fixtures go beyond providing decorative pieces to open walls. The ones available in stylish designs accentuate the décor of your exteriors and even offer a sense of security and safety to your abode. The different varieties of outdoor wall lights include:

    LED Outdoor Wall Lights

    Commonly found near passageways, entrance gates, outdoor open spaces and dimly lit regions around the house, LED outdoor wall lights offer visual support. They even provide attention to the darker corners of a house that might be prone to unwanted accidents.

    Modern Outdoor Wall Lighting

    You can easily increase the curb appeal of your home exterior with modern outdoor wall lighting. White wall lights add a clean and sleek appearance to the exteriors, while the black ones combine contrasts with an unbeatable modern charm. Then there are bronze lights that offer a stunning hint of tradition to your backyard. You can even go for the gold-toned, brassy lighting fixtures that make chic additions to exterior walls.

    Outdoor Hanging Wall Lights

    The outdoor hanging wall lights are perfect for beautifying the outdoors in the most stylish manner. Being eye-catchy in their appearance, these light fixtures are durable, robust and weather-resistant. They offer the perfect mood to spend some time outdoors. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    How bright should outdoor wall lights be?
    Light fixtures for the outdoors need to be in a range of 12 to 1, 300 lumens. The number of lumens you require for outdoor lighting is between 50 and 700. You can change the brightness of these lighting fixtures as per the location.

    Where should outdoor lights be placed?
    Ideally, outdoor lighting fixtures should be placed in important areas close to where you will be operating or moving at night. These include garage lighting, post lights and porch lights. Exterior wall lights can easily be placed in front of a garage, next to a porch, on the rear wall and at side doors, depending on how you move and access the building.

    Do exterior lights need to match?
    Exterior lights don't need to match. So, you can have great fun mixing outdoor lights for your backyard, front door, balcony and patio.

    How many outside lights do I need?
    Depending on the area outside your home, you might require floodlights in a range of 700 to 1300 lumens; pool or pond lights in a range of 200 to 400 lumens; hardscape lights on the walls in a range of 50 to 185 lumens and motion sensor lights in a range of 300 to 700 lumens.

    Is soft white or daylight better for outside?
    Warmer colours like soft white are the best choice for exteriors where you are looking to create a comfortable and cosy environment. Cooler colours, like daylight or bright white, work perfectly well for task lighting or security lighting.

    How do I choose outdoor wall lights?
    Since there are several options available for choosing outdoor lights online, you need to make the selection task easier by using a simple checklist. First of all, you must consider the size of the space where you will be placing the LED wall light. Is it a large patio space or a small porch section that you need to illuminate? Next, consider the size and style of the outdoor wall light and how it will suit your setting. Also, consider the function you want the light to serve in different outdoor spaces.

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