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    Planters online 

    Buy planters online right from the comfort of  your home at India's reliable online store, Beruru. Bring the freshness of the mountains and the meadows into your drawing or bedroom - with planters online in India. At Beruru, there's an amazing collection of premium quality aesthetically curated pots and planters online. Returning home would never be the same again! 

    Beruru - Planters Online

    Beruru is one of the premier websites for planters online. Build up your garden, outdoors, or balcony when you buy planters online at Be it simple flower pots for your seasonal flowers or planting oxygen-rich plants, you will find an array of colorful, trendy, and contemporary planters and pots here. You will surely meet your choice and preference. Online planters at Beruru presents an exclusive range of simple and minimalist pots, on the one hand, and ultra-chic and designer planters, on the other. Not just planters, we have different items to do up your outdoor space. Pick from an enviable collection of outdoor furniture, patio furniture, wood furniture, lounge chairs, and more.

    Types of planters online

    1. Indoor planters: we present an exquisite range of Indoor planters online of different shapes and sizes. These are perfect for propagating plants, bonsai, planting seeds and saplings, and more.

    2. Outdoor planters: Be it Balcony planters online or pots for lawns, your kitchen garden in the backyard, patio, outdoor garden, etc., for growing flower beds, etc. There are choices of hanging planters online in India.

    3. Wall planters online in India: These are great options for designing a vertical garden to add aesthetics to your home. 

    4. Standing planters: plants of different sizes, heights, and shapes can be grown in planters of different types. There are choices of Wooden planters, metallic planters, Brass planters and more. Amazing styles and designs to do up the aesthetics of your home.

    Planters online price

    Buy planters online at the best prices on our website . There are stunning and unique designs, superior quality materials, premium make, and competitive online planters' prices. Buy planters online in India without over-stressing your pocket. Besides planters, choose Beruru to shop for furniture, patio tables, dining tables, and more online.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best thing to put in the bottom of planters?
    The bottom of planters can be filled with fillers like recycled plastics, cans, newspapers, cardboards, packing materials, etc.

    Do you need a saucer under a planter?
    It is not necessary to put saucers under planters. But, it is a good idea to do so to prevent mess. The saucers collect excess water and can be drained once in a while.

    What goes in the bottom of the planter box?
    You can use different materials like crushed cans, foam, reusable plastic, packaging materials, etc.

    Do planters need drainage?
    Yes, planters must have a drainage system.

    Should you put stones in the bottom of a planter?
    It is not essential to put stones, but you can block the bigger drainage holes in the planter.

    Can you put plastic bottles in planters?
    You can put reusable plastic bottles at the bottom of the planter.

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