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23 products
    23 products
    Rattan Cutlery Caddy
    MRP Rs. 2,819.00
    White wash
    Rattan Big Cutlery Holder
    MRP Rs. 1,799.00
    White wash
    Rattan Cutlery Holder
    MRP Rs. 1,115.00
    Dipping Sauce Spoon
    MRP Rs. 232.00
    Wooden Fruit Fork
    MRP Rs. 119.00
    Round Wooden Dessert Spoon
    MRP Rs. 167.00
    Square Wooden Dessert Spoon
    MRP Rs. 232.00
    Wooden Ice Cream Spoon
    MRP Rs. 224.00
    Curved Wooden Spoon - Small
    MRP Rs. 232.00
    Long Curved Wooden Tea Spoon
    MRP Rs. 232.00
    Wooden Knife, Fork & Spoon (Set of 3)
    MRP Rs. 629.00
    Raven Flat Cutlery Set
    MRP Rs. 2,258.00
    Champagne Gold
    Champagne Gold Round Cutlery Set
    MRP Rs. 2,258.00
    Champagne Gold
    Champagne Gold Flat Cutlery Set
    MRP Rs. 2,258.00
    Clear Glass
    Line Soda Lime Glass
    MRP Rs. 431.00
    Clear Glass
    Polka Soda Lime Glass
    MRP Rs. 431.00
    Teal Blue
    Teal Blue Borosil Glass
    MRP Rs. 1,189.00
    Cobalt Blue
    Cobalt Blue Borosil Glass
    MRP Rs. 1,189.00
    Yellow Borosil Glass
    MRP Rs. 1,189.00
    White Ceramic Plate
    from MRP Rs. 431.00
    Turquoise Ceramic Plate
    from MRP Rs. 431.00
    White Ceramic Bowl
    from MRP Rs. 307.00
    Purple Ceramic Bowl
    from MRP Rs. 307.00

    The Best Tableware & Serveware You’d Need for Your Home

    Also known as crockery and dinnerware, tableware is the dishware that’s used to make your dining table perfect as you display your food and serve it. This includes cutlery and glassware as well as serving dishes. It is used to set the table for a meal, or to serve food. It can be made from glass, porcelain, clay, earthenware and stoneware.

    Tableware's nature is dependent on religion, culture, and cuisine. There are four main types of tableware: serveware, dinnerware , silverware, and drinkware. There is always a tableware option for every occasion, whether it's for everyday use or big parties. These are the types of tableware and how they can be used.

    What is Serveware?

    Serving is done with serveware. Serving bowls, platters or salad bowls are all included in this category. This category also includes utensils like serving spoons, ladles and a pair of tongs as well as containers for serving drinks, such as pitches.

    It serves the purpose of serving food and drinks. It's used to bring food to the table.:

    • Salad bowls
    • Serving platters and bowls
    • Gravy boats,
    • Dessert bowls,
    • Soup pots
    • Casseroles,
    • A serving spoon, a pair of tongs, or a ladle.
    • Or Teapots,
    • Salt and pepper servers
    • Containers used to serve drinks such as pitchers and carafes.

    Which materials can be used to make Tableware & Serveware

    Dishes are usually made from ceramic materials which include:

    Earthenware: It is unglazed and glazed non-vitreous pottery, which is typically fired below 1200°C.

    Stoneware: A broad term for pottery and ceramics fired at very high temperatures.

    Faience or Faience (in French), is a common English name for fine tin glaze pottery on earthenware bodies.

    Porcelain can be made by heating materials, such as kaolin, at temperatures between 1200 and 1340C.

    Bone China: This is a soft-paste type of porcelain that is made up of bone ash (kaolin) and feldspathic materials.

    These crockery materials include bone China and porcelain.

    Dishware can also made from other materials, including:

    • Silver
    • Wood
    • Gold
    • Plastic
    • Glass
    • Pewter (it's a malleable alloy of metal alloys)
    • Acrylic (these belong in a group, known as plastics).


    It is a tableware used to serve food to a single diner at a meal. There are many types of dinnerware, including basic plates and bowels as well as special pieces. 

    You can also call it chinaware, crockery or chinaware. Dinnerware is anything that is used for individual portions of a meal. There are many types of dinnerware, including basic plates and bowls as well as specialized pieces that can be used to serve specific meals. The type of meal will affect the arrangement of your dinnerware. It can be made from melamine, porcelain or glass.

    The food served will determine the arrangement of your dinnerware. 

    It includes:

    • Teacups and saucer
    • Small, quarter, big plates
    • Cutlery


    This is also known as silverware. It is the most important type of tableware, because it includes items that belong to cutlery, such as spoons, forks and knives. 


    Also known as glassware, it refers to any item that can be used for drinking. Further, the glasses can be divided into two groups:

    Tumbler: These types of glasses have a flat-bottomed base. It can be used for collins, highball or tall glasses, rock or lowball glass as well as shot, whiskey tumbler, beer, and water glasses.

    Stemware These types of glasses are placed on a stem at the top of the base. It can be martini, wine, brandy, champagne flutes and champagne saucers.


    Beruru is a great place to find the perfect tableware. We offer high quality tableware and serveware at reasonable prices. Make your tableware narrate the story of your food, while you have fun matching and mixing the many options available from Beruru. Reach out to us today.!

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