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    3 products
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    Invite Greenery Into Your Living Space With Wall Hanging Planters

    Your home is a haven for love and care. Bringing positive energy and good vibes to your home and indoor spaces is almost a necessity in the modern hectic world. One of the many ways to do this is with indoor plants. It has many advantages like fresher air, greener appeal and an overall soothing effect. So how would you plant an indoor plant? We give you some top picks from our internationally curated collection of wall-hanging planters, an ideal way to bring a dash of greenery to your indoor spaces. 

    Keeping plants on the wall is easy. This is a time-tested method to instantly make your room look larger than it is as it adds a dimension to it. This also gives you the unique opportunity to make your garden part of your indoor spaces. Using decorative wall planters that come in different materials, combining them with other wall art, or bringing it to the spotlight with a well-placed light, there is so much to do with the concept of indoor plants. 

    It would take a lot of searching to find the ideal plants and planters for your indoor spaces but we have got your back covered. Be it for the lush vines or small and cute bushy plants, we have a planter that suits all kinds of homes. Large or small, modern or vintage, our collection will leave you with enough and more options. This article is about some of the prettiest garden planting pots that help you cover more space even if your balcony or indoor space is limited. 

    If you’re searching for contemporary wall-hanging planters online, look no further. 

    Different Types of Wall Hanging Planters to Beautify Your Home 

    Every home is different, every wall is different. But they all serve the purpose of defining your home boundaries and those within it. Are you an over-the-top plant person or a minimal plant person? Either way, you have come to the right place. Bring a little life to your home walls with these dainty planters which will hang beautifully from your walls. 

    Made of galvanised metal with a distressed finish, our Galvanised Round Wall Planter is ideal for your modern home. With a little gold detailing on the bottom, it has a minimalist that blends perfectly well with the contemporary aesthetics of your home. Add a beautiful plant of your choice to this little hanging wall planter. 

    Made of metal and painted black, our Iron Wall Planter exudes simplicity and muted charm. You can plant a medium-sized fern or vine. It is a charming design that is not too cluttered and not too minimal. Add this piece to your home to add a modern touch to your green corner. 

    If you need a medium-size wall planter, this metal piece with wood detailing at the back is perfect for you. Create your own set of plants to sit daintily against its beautiful wooden backdrop. This hanging wall planter is small enough to be in your bedroom while its burnt antique finish adds a gorgeous statement to your decor. 

    Our Three Pot Wall Planter is a quirky design that is quick to catch attention. It is designed in black metal that can hold three small pots. At a time of limited spaces, the planter allows you to home three plants at once and utilise maximum space. 

    If you want to buy wall hanging planters online, you can choose these amazing pieces that add personality to your living as well as outdoor spaces. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I put in wall hanging planters?
    You can place trailing plants, vines, air plants or succulents in wall planters. There are no plants that won’t look good in these plants. 

    How do you attach wall hanging planters?
    You have to hang them with nails. There are small sockets behind the planters by which you can hang them. 

    Do wall planters damage walls?
    No, they do not. Simply make sure you have provided proper water drainage options like saucers to collect water. 

    Do wall planters need drainage holes?
    Yes, they need drainage holes to let out water. 

    How do you attach a vertical wall planter? 
    They can be attached by nails. 

    Where can I find stylish wall planters online?
    You can find them at Beruru.com

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