Decor and Furniture for the Indian Monsoons

The Indian Monsoons are far from being a mere shift in weather. They are an emotion! The landscapes across the country are awash in a lush hue, with freshness and transformation making an omnipresent debut all around us. 

While the temperatures simmer down, our homes and gardens become our sanctuaries of comfort to best enjoy the weather in all its glory! We at Beruru are indulging in this time of the year, and we’re bringing our top picks of decor and furniture ideas. These curated items will elevate the ambience of your homes and outdoor spaces as the monsoons make their way into our cities!

Enduring Functionality 

Be it your backyard, garden, or your favourite nook within your home, the Tubby Single Seater Chair makes for an idyllic addition to your spaces this monsoon. Created in poly rope and stainless steel, these chairs are robust and durable as they can withstand extreme temperatures and rain showers when made a part of alfresco spaces.


Raw Textures 

Layer your verandahs, gardens, and balconies with textures and a subtle identity with our range of Cement Planters. Bathed in cool tones of grey, the versatile cement planter range epitomises minimalism with timeless design. The persistent strength of the material keeps your plants rooted in hail, rain, or sunshine. 



The Earthen Allure  

Our Ray Terracotta Dome Lamp is a flagbearer of the raw and grounded appeal that stems from the earth itself! Doused in simplicity, these crafted dome-form pendant lights make for a great choice to illuminate indoor and outdoor corners with warmth as the deep hue of the material spells elegance. Consider these lights in a small cluster or an array for increased emphasis.


A Saga in Stone

Visit our stores to explore myriad choices imagined in stone. Beruru’s physical stores host a bevy of Decor choices sculpted in natural stones. The lithic nature of these handcrafted pieces makes them one-of-a-kind additions to your green spaces and statement features in one’s residences. Ageless and durable, natural stone decor in the form of statues, fountains, bird baths, and feature installations will sustain their aura across all weather conditions.



Celebrating the Showers

An ode to the dreamy weather, these Rain Chains are a crossover between pragmatic and aesthetic sensibilities. Created in copper-hued metal, a range of these rain chains can be positioned strategically to channel and direct the water during showers into allocated landscaped features, urlis, or collection barrels. Aside from making a strong case for contemporary-Indian design, these exude a calming sound of water slowly gurgling down its length, creating a vignette of sensorial beauty.


With the onset of the monsoons, transform your home and outdoor spaces with Beruru into an oasis of warmth and serenity that allow you to make the most of the weather. Let the season be about mindful and impactful additions that make the indoors and outdoors snug, revitalised, and inviting as the rains claim the skies!