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    Cast Iron Pole Light
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    Lighting up your exteriors is just as important as lighting up your interiors. Among the many types of lighting we have for outdoors, let’s not forget the modest, yet efficient, outdoor floor lights. Outdoor floor lamps not only add to the aesthetic value of your space, but they are also extremely important for safety, especially near stairs, and grassy surfaces. 

    Outdoor Floor Lights- An Overview

    Modern outdoor floor lighting comes in a variety of creative structures and materials, to cater to a wide range of lighting needs. These fixtures can be conventionally fixed to the ground or may also be a part of garden décor and patio furniture where the light illuminates at ground level.  Outdoor floor lights today have become smart and ergonomic by nature. With LED technology, motion sensing, remote-controlled, and other such features, these lighting ideas fill a wide range of requirements. 

    Choosing the right kind of outdoor lighting is about considering a few crucial aspects. Most importantly, you’ll need to pick something weatherproof and resistant to dust, water, and other external elements. Let’s have a look at the different types of outdoor floor lights available in India. 

    Types of Outdoor Floor Lights

    Modern outdoor floor lighting comes in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and materials. Many are of unique design, and they can be placed depending on the area and purpose of use. Irrespective of their placement, outdoor floor lights focus on pathways, garden areas, and other grounds. 

    Outdoor floor lights serve different purposes- For instance, spotlights are focused at a certain point, whereas step lights light up staircases preventing a nasty tumble. Garden lights are specific to garden regions, illuminating specific spots, and bollard lights are posts with light emanating in just about any direction. These are generally used to light up pathways. 

    Beruru’s Circular Granite Floor Lamp is an interesting take on décor lighting. This aims at moody lighting for the garden through contemporary pieces of décor, smartly combining aesthetics with functionality. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How bright should outdoor floor lights be?
    Floor lights used for decorative purposes can range between 100-200 lumens, while those meant for security range between 300-700 lumens.

    Where should outdoor lights be placed?
    Ideally, outdoor lights should be placed in areas that see more movement at night- like next to a porch, in front of the garage, or at a side, main, or rear door.

    Do exterior lights need to match?
    Exterior lights need not necessarily match, so you can get creative while choosing these fixtures. They generally are chosen depending on the purpose, and aesthetics of the area, so you can mix and match or look for similar sizes, colours, and styles, based on your preference.

    How many outside lights do I need?
    That depends on the surface area you are planning to cover, and the type of lights you choose. Typically, floodlights with about 700-1300 lumens work best for outdoor lighting.

    Is soft white or daylight better for outside?
    Daylight or “bright white” works well for security or task lighting, while soft white is warmer and more suited for ambient lighting.

    How do I choose outdoor floor lights?
    A few things to consider while picking outdoor floor lights is brightness, the purpose of use, and security. If you are planning to entertain, use softer lights but make sure they are bright enough to provide visibility. Use LEDs as they are a more energy-efficient choice and remember to check these lights out from inside your house. Plan and calculate the position, distance from the ground, and frequency at which you place the lights.
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