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    3 products
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    Add a Fresh Vibe to Your Balcony With Hanging Planters from Beruru 

    Whether your balcony is large and roomy or small and compact, you can turn it into a slice of heaven with plants. Part of the beauty of a balcony garden lies in the planters you use. Is it the nondescript earthen pots? Or are the functional and on-the-go grow bags? Does your balcony have enough ground space to keep all the plants you wish to keep? For those with limited balcony space, we introduce some of Beruru’s beautiful hanging balcony planters. 

    One essential type of planter for every garden is a hanging planter. It is any planter that is suspended by cords or metal holders. The beauty of a hanging planter is that it adds to the dimension of your garden. Your floor space may be limited, but that doesn't stop you from making your garden bigger. With a hanger, you have much more vertical space to build your garden. 

    Apart from the utility, a hanging planter is an aesthetic wonder. It adds a surreal feel to your garden. Add a lush vine to a hanging planter and your balcony or garden is instantly transformed. What makes a modern balcony hanging planter stand out is its wide variety. There are vintage metal planters with powder coats, plastic planter pots, and sleek and modern metal planters. If you are looking for a place to buy balcony hanging planters, you have come to the right place. 

    You can curate your garden on your balcony with Beruru. Here is all you need to know about buying balcony hanging planters online. 

    Types of Balcony Hanging Planters to Choose From 

    Every balcony is different, some may be large and spacious while others might be tiny and cute. But what they all have in common is that it is a place to relax. Here are some beautiful additions to your little sanctuary, curated by Beruru from around the world. 

    Our Cast Iron Hanging Planter is a stunning piece of art that instantly elevates your balcony into something straight out of a picture book. With a vibrant blue powder coating and a distressed finish, this planter is ideal for balconies as well as indoors. 

    This Brass Finish Hanging Planter with Black Pot easily qualifies as a modern art piece for your home. Its minimal and sleek design is a statement in itself. It has a brass finish and comes with a black metal pot in the middle. It is ideal for open balcony spaces as well as indoors. Its design goes well with contemporary setups. 

    If you are someone with a love for all things sleek and stylish, here is one that will impress you. Made with black-coloured metal, the Laura Hanging Planter comes with a white metal pot. It is ideal for all spaces and adds a zest to your garden.

    Our Black Hanging Planter is ideal for contemporary homes. The body and the pot are made of metal. It has a sturdy finish and is easy to maintain. It is a beautiful addition to any balcony and instantly adds a modern touch to your garden. 

    Vertical Bamboo Planter is a quaint piece that appeals to the nature lover in you. Made with original bamboo, this bamboo balcony hanging planter can lift the aura of your green space. Include this in your collection of hanging planters for a beautiful finish.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the options for planters for my balcony?
    You can choose hanging planters for your balcony, which adds space. 

    Do balcony planters need drainage holes?
    Yes, balcony planters need drainage holes. It has water collecting saucers underneath to collect excess water

    Which pots are the best for a balcony?
    Pots that do not crowd the balcony. A hanging planter allows for more plants and takes less space. 

    Can I hang plants on a balcony without drilling?
    If you do not already have hooks, then no. Alternatively, you can also hang plants on the railings or windows of balconies.

    What can I hang instead of hanging baskets?
    Metal pots, ceramic pots and glass wares are alternatives to baskets. 

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