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    Want to give your favourite plants a stylish new home with ceramic planters in Bangalore? Discover a gorgeous selection of pots and ceramic planters online at Beruru that will add style to your balcony, patio, or terrace garden. 

    Our handcrafted pots and planters are not the average mass-produced planters that you'll find online. Therefore, every planter is a piece of beauty and a work of art that elevates your gardening experience while adding an element of instant elegance to your space. 

    Be it dainty ceramic planters for your succulents or sturdy ones for your bigger plants and bonsais, large planters for spacious yards, or cute little ones that can sit on your desk—we have them all. 

    At Beruru, you are sure to find pots and ceramic planters online matching your sense of style and your garden. Whether you have a lush outdoor garden, a balcony full of plants, or a slice of greenery on your window sill, you'll get just what you need in our collection of ceramic pots and planters online.

    Types of Ceramic Garden Planters You'll Find at Beruru

    There's nothing run-of-the-mill here at Beruru. Our ceramic garden planters  lend character and flair to your potted plants and come in an array of different shapes, sizes, colours, and textures. 

    Our planters with facial expressions are a fantastic choice if you're looking for quirky and fun indoor ceramic planters. If you're going with a more natural aesthetic, you'll love our Affinity planters, Precious Horcrux planters, and Paisley planters. To add a rustic touch to your garden, pick from our Distress Square planters, Capella planters, Leo planters, and Luna planters. While crafted from ceramic, these planters display an earthy, understated charm that plays the perfect foil to your vibrant flora and foliage. 

    If you're looking for colourful wall ceramic planters, our Blackberry planters, Tulip planters, and Toasted Marshmallow planters will catch your fancy. Our Glaze Bubble Pot planter has a stunning blue marbled effect that will turn even the most common houseplant into a statement piece. We also have balcony ceramic planters online in muted hues and designs if you prefer something more neutral. 

    To shop for the best ceramic planters online in India, look no further than Beruru. Explore our exclusive ceramic pots and planters that will help you create your dream garden.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Are ceramic pots good for plants?
    Ceramic pots help maintain a balance in the moisture content of the soil. Further, these also allow adequate airflow to promote plant health. All these factors make ceramic pots a good choice for plants.

    What plants do well in ceramic pots?
    Tropical plants grow well in ceramic pots. You can also grow indoor plants like Boston Fern, Maidenhair Fern, Baby's Tears, Golden Pothos, among others in these flower planters.

    Can you put ceramic planters outside?
    Yes, you can use ceramic planters in outdoor spaces as well. Although unglazed pots can crack in extreme cold, glazed ceramic plant pots can withstand weather elements. 

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