Outdoor Decorative Light

19 products
    19 products
    Round Bubu Bulan
    from MRP Rs. 3,873.00
    Candle Bulb (Set of 2)
    MRP Rs. 659.00
    Sale 30%
    Candle Bulb (Set of 2)
    Sale price MRP Rs. 593.00 Regular price MRP Rs. 659.00 Save 10%
    Led Filament Lamp (Set of 2)
    MRP Rs. 1,318.00
    LED Filament Bulb (Set Of 2)
    MRP Rs. 899.00
    LED Filament Bulb (Set Of 2)
    MRP Rs. 1,078.00
    LED Filament Bulb (Set Of 2)
    MRP Rs. 899.00
    Parabola Pendant light
    MRP Rs. 10,009.00
    Conical Pendant Light
    from MRP Rs. 8,819.00
    Cylindrical Mesh Pendant Light
    from MRP Rs. 9,164.00
    Conical Banana Weave Lamp
    from MRP Rs. 9,887.00
    Ray Terracotta Dome lamp
    MRP Rs. 1,998.00
    Andromeda Pendant Lamp
    MRP Rs. 17,748.00
    Coconut Terracotta Pendant Lamp
    MRP Rs. 3,187.00
    Silver Copper
    Beehive Pendant Lamp
    from MRP Rs. 35,498.00

    Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Stylish Outdoor Decorative Lights

    “Let there be light” and there was. It is no joke that the right light can turn your space into something magical. At Beruru, we believe the outdoors are the heart of any space. Be it your petite garden, balcony or your backyard, add a dash of style that is both simple and sophisticated, with Beruru outdoor decorative lamps. Our lamps create the aura that you want to bring to your home. Create your own cozy space with our specially curated collection of lights for outdoor decoration. 

    We understand the love that goes into creating a sanctuary out of outdoor space. You can now reimagine it with a few outdoor decorative lights to ensure that your space gleams. A well-placed light can add the right ambience, bringing to your space the feel that you require. Some lights can make a space look larger while some can make it look smaller. Wall mount lamps, desk lamps, and garden table lamps, each have their purpose and magic to it. Want them all? We have them all. 

    Do you have a space that needs some love in the form of outdoor decorative lighting? You have come to the right place. Beruru is your destination to buy outdoor decorative light. Be it your home, shared public space or office, a little light goes a long way. Read our expert take on everything you need to buy outdoor decorative lights. 

    Explore Our Range of Modern Outdoor Lighting For Every Occasion 

    The outdoor spaces we create with such care might be where we spend our best moments of being home. Be it a family dinner, a date night, or unwinding from a long day of work, your outdoor spaces set the perfect stage for them all. 

    Reimagine a drab wall that is bereft of love with our Beetle Lamp, a simple yet sophisticated piece of art that adds charm to your wall. Place this warm light lamp on your wall to add dimensions to your outdoor space, an ideal complement to outdoor Christmas light decoration. 

    The Drole Wall Light is another ideal choice for your outdoor walls. This metallic statement piece adds that modern touch yet harks back to the charm of the Victorian era. A perfect piece to add oomph to an outdoor wedding light decoration.

    Get a spark of the starry world above with Beruru’s Starlight Wall Lamp. An elegant design made for the modern home. It's quirky, classy and ideal for your outdoor spaces. The brass body and minimalist design add to the beauty of your home. 

    The Archer Wall Lamp is a stunning piece of art made for your outdoors. It is a statement piece like no other. It brings back the images of the brave world of the industrial age. Place this on your wall to bring home the style and soul of the industrial era. 

    Something beautiful and compact comes to your home with the Bud Wall Lamp. A beautiful lamp with a milky white shade adds to the floral aura of your garden. A little bud, ideal for your outdoor Diwali light decoration.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of lighting is best for the outdoors?
    Lights that add to the beauty and practicality of the space are best. 

    How long can you leave outdoor string lights on?
    Every bulb has a different hourly rating, that is how many hours it can run. At Beruru, we provide only the highest quality bulbs and holders. 

    How long will outdoor LED lights last?
    Under ideal conditions, LED lights can last anywhere from 6-10 years. Depending upon the heat, frequency and current supply, it can have different lifespans. 

    Do outdoor lights need special bulbs?
    No, normal bulbs can be used for outdoor light fixtures as long as it is not exposed to rain. 

    Why should I buy outdoor lights online?
    Online shops like Beruru offer a wide variety of garden decor and LED decorative lights and are trustworthy.
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