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    Bring Nature Right Into Your Home with Wall Planters

    Overview of Wall Planters

    Wall planters are crucial home furnishing units that are in trend these days. Wall planters online have the power to transform spaces into charming and habitable areas, and they are perfect for people looking to improve the utility and wall décor of their homes.

    Buy wall planters made of different durable materials to portray the different aesthetics of your home. However, when buying wall planters online in India, there are a few crucial points to remember, including the planter's colour, style, size and material quality.

    Also, it is best to buy wall planters online because you get the freedom of selection, firm and sturdy products, express delivery, and home décor fit items within an affordable range.  

    Types of Wall Planters

    An exclusive and modern wall planter will bring nature right into your abode. You can get wall planters online India in varied designs and sizes to accentuate the beauty of your home. You can even shop for exclusive wall planters online in hexagonal, round, curve, diamond and rectangular shapes. The available standards varieties of wall hanging planters online are as follows:

    Wall Hanging Planters

    Wall hanging planters are wood or metal structures used to place potted plants. These planters can also be hung from a ceiling or wall. These wall planters online are essential in the present world where people do not have front or back yards in their homes and suffer from the lack of space. These can also be used to create indoor gardens by hanging plants on them.

    Outdoor Wall Planters

    If you want to hang plants outdoors, you can choose outdoor wall planters for an elegant touch. You can use a modern wall planter for growing bottle gourds, bitter gourds, ridge gourds, apple gourds and cucumber in your exterior home garden or create a flowering garden filled with flowers like cineraria, calendula, petunia and cockscomb.

    There are different varieties, from hanging pots to baskets in varied styles. Outdoor wall planters come either with a chain or a hook. You can easily move the wall planters online India from one place to another to experiment with different garden techniques.

    Highly appreciated for their durability and designs, these wall planters online are checked for different quality parameters, so they comply with both domestic and international standards. Best in this category is to go for a galvanised metal planter with powder-coated painting. These are fade and rust resistant, thus ideally suited for the outdoors.

    They can help you grow different plants because of their ability to hold potting mix, and even feature drainage holes at the bottom to let out excessive water. You can even clean them very easily using a wet cloth.

    Wall Mounted Planters

    For people looking to revamp their homes with greenery but facing a space crunch, the wall mounted planters can serve as the best creative solutions. By simply hanging such wall planters online India between your wall clocks and frames, you can accentuate the beauty of the walls in your living room, kitchen, study and bedroom. You can even use them in lines to decorate your balcony.

    You can find them in varied shapes like round, rectangle, half-moon round and d-shape and in some of the most vibrant hues like black, yellow, red, turquoise, white, violet, sky blue, orange, dark pink and green. They are made of materials like metal, plastic and fibreglass.

    The best thing about wall mounted planters is that on days when you do not want them to beautify your walls, you can just put them down and transform the look and feel of your home interiors. 

    Wall Planters Indoor

    If you want something natural and rustic or modern and sleek, wall planters indoors can be the right choice. Hang them on bare white walls to jazz up their appearance.

    Go for the smooth, matte indoor wall planters online India to let your plants take centre stage against a mute background. The star-shaped indoor wall planters online in glass make more creative solutions for modern homes. They do not just look attractive; and you can fill them with water and showcase your plants in them along with their fantastic root system.

    If you live in a tightly-packed, tight space, go for the small wall-hanging planters online that can fit almost anywhere. Use them to grow striking, slow-growing, low-maintenance succulents like burro's tail, panda plant, and hens-and-chicks.

    The metal wall hanging planters are also the perfect option to add a beautiful botanical accent at varying heights in your home. In this category, you must choose slender and smooth geometric frames. And yes, they are durable and can last for several years with just a bit of maintenance.

    You cannot go wrong with the ceramic wall planters online that look charming indoors. Use them to grow ornamental house plants such as air plants, golden pothos and ivy. Also, use them to grow kitchen stuff such as beans, basil and strawberries.

    To create an elegant appearance, choose plain white wall planters online. Use them to grow plants that produce white flowers like jasmine, peace lily or moth orchid. The blend of white and green will look fabulous indoors.

    Enliven the walls of your living area or bedroom by simply hanging baskets filled with greenery. You can use these baskets to tuck small potted plants or hold dried or fresh flowers. Then there are small, capsule-shaped wall planters online India, perfect for accommodating succulents and air plants. These come with a hole at the back so they can be easily attached to walls. 

    Vertical Wall Planter

    Do not allow city living to keep you from bringing your luxurious garden dreams to life this flowering season. A vertical wall planter makes home-grown berries, vegetables and blooms an attainable objective for gardeners with petite patios, cramped-up apartment kitchens and tiny terraces.

    These are space-saving wall planters online available in different designs and materials to cater to different specialities, budgets and styles. You can use them to grow fresh herbs, tomatoes and strawberries right in your home. 

    Ceramic Wall Planter

    If you want a modern wall planter, then the ones made of ceramic would be the best choice for you. A ceramic wall planter is perfect for transforming greenery into an exclusive piece of art. You can mix and match different sizes and colours to create a beautiful garden gallery wall.

    The ceramic wall planters online India are space-efficient and manageable, sculptural and minimalist. Since they are available in different modular designs, you can mix and match them in different colour options and sizes to create an entirely personal space of your own.

    Wooden Wall Planter

    Offer your plants an exclusive home and add farmhouse charm to any room in your house with a hanging wooden wall planter. Wooden wall planters online are perfect to spruce up the curb appeal of any home, either from the interiors or the exteriors. These are highly durable and lightweight wall planters online India that perfectly fit the indoors and even the outdoors.

    The wooden wall planters online are multifunctional, serving not just as planters but even as wall art, display stands, decorative wall shelves and bookshelves. Made of pine or teak wood, these wall planters are known for their sturdy construction indoors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I put in wall planters?
    You can put almost anything in wall planters. However, newbies should take up low-maintenance plants such as succulents, ferns, trailers, and air plants to be grown in their wall planters.

    How do you attach wall planters?
    Wall planters online generally come with hanging rings, straps or hooks. So long as your planter features a strap, hook, ring or rope to hang it, you can easily hang it on a wall.

    How do you build a wall planter?
    Lay out the flooring of the material you are using to build the wall planter first. This will help you determine the height of the planter using the number of rows of flooring. Mark the height and then create a cleat. Orient the cleat at the back of the planter board, so the top board attaches to the planter and the bottom board to the wall. Next, apply glue and adjust the cleat height on plywood using a combination square to ensure the planter and cleat are set. Now it is time to install the flooring. Once this is done, hook the planter on the wall and enjoy maintenance-free greenery in your home.

    Do wall planters damage walls?
    Wall planters online will not damage walls, provided you use different protective methods during the initial construction of your garden, and take good care. Proper plant maintenance is the perfect way to ensure beautiful growth without damage.

    Do wall planters need drainage holes?

    Yes, since plants need to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen with air and excessive water can close off air pockets in the soil, wall planters online India need drainage holes.

    How do you attach a vertical wall planter?
    Vertical wall planters can be attached easily, one above the other in a vertical structure, until you create the desired height for a green wall in your home. The online market is filled with colourful vertical wall planters in different sizes and varieties. So you can choose the ones suitable for your garden and add PVC pipes along the frame length to hang them beautifully.


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