Elevating our sense of well-being by embracing the Outdoors

Spring has graced the subcontinent, and in its embrace, nature seems to have come alive with a renewed spirit! More than ever, it seems to be the perfect time to step outdoors and revel in the verdure, sights, and sounds of nature. 

The outdoors harbour the ability to refresh us, elevate our sense of wellness, and positively impact our physical and mental state of being. They have a proven effect on our focusing capabilities and moods, thereby enhancing our energy and productivity levels. 

At Beruru, our steadfast focus lies in sprucing up and morphing the light in which you view your experience and time outside. Be it quaint balconies, lush backyards, terraces, home gardens, or petite patios, we’re sharing with you our top picks to make your time outdoors an engaging one! 

Sit Awhile  

Mealtimes and lounging with loved ones over a sumptuous Sunday brunch or a dreamy dinner under the stars is always a great idea! The Cobra Chair is our take on comfort and durability in the form of outdoor furniture. With its curvaceous aluminium frame wrapped in PE-wicker, it exudes a clean and modern look and can be used both inside and outside flexibly all year round.

An Alfresco Barbecue Experience

Nothing spells outdoor dining and hosting like a good old-fashioned grilling experience! The Casus Instant Grill makes for the idyllic addition to your recreational outdoor nooks while underscoring the hallmarks of convenience and consciousness. This portable grill celebrates natural materiality with its bamboo body. In addition, it makes for an affordable and user-friendly addition to your outdoor prep and cooking needs. 



Nurture a Green Thumb 

Forge an even stronger relationship with nature while outdoors and dabble in the therapeutic and rewarding art of gardening. Explore our range of minimalist planters with the Precious Horcrux White Matt Planter that epitomises simplicity and a geometric penchant. The ceramic oblong diamond form contrasts the organic silhouettes of the outdoor plants fittingly and makes a statement of its own.



Make your time gardening an even more cherished experience with our Grey Canvas Aprons handcrafted by artisans. This apron is optimised for modern gardening enthusiasts; it has generous-sized and capacious pockets to endow you with the best ergonomics and durable construction to serve you well in your green escapades!



An Eye for Elements 

The beauty of spaces both indoors and outdoors lies in details and elements that make all the difference! Usher in a sense of overarching peace and the quality of zen with the Serenity Buddha Sculpture in your outdoor nooks.  Placed against a collage of outdoor greens, this ebony FRP sculpture is sure to make any corner inviting and warm.



Invoking Light 

Let your evenings outdoors become a part of your routine that you wholeheartedly look forward to. Layer your spaces in diverse ways with our range of Bella Luna Pillar Candles that impart an undisputed elegance to nooks. Be it outdoor dining tablescapes, oversized lanterns, or clusters of candles in petite corners, the warm glow of these candles is sure to add a touch of whimsical dreaminess while you enjoy the outdoors!



Celebrating and living in the expanse of the great outdoors has an indescribable ability to impact the way we go about our daily lives. It’s often just a few yet essential moments spent outside that make us more refreshed and rejuvenated versions of ourselves. Find all that you’ll need to make the outdoors your second home at Beruru!